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Fusion Collaborate (LSP's and Corporate Language Departments)

The Fusion Collaborate Translation Memory application is a powerful and specialized proprietary database engine, adhering to industry standards, designed to leverage your legacy of previously translated documents to increase the productivity of your translation/localization team.

This state-of-the-art technology extends well beyond the traditional Translation Memory tools on the market today. Along with the advantages of traditional systems, it also provides you or your team members with contextual information, where available, for each segment stored in the Translation Memory. Your translators will now be able to verify context of use in the original document to validate search results, thus improving accuracy and quality of the final product.

Additionally, Fusion Collaborate enables LSPs and Corporate Language Departments alike to provide remote connectivity to their translation memories to ensure all project members are utilizing a central TM resource providing real-time consistency of your translations. Fusion Collaborate also has a convenient chat feature to connect your linguistic resources when required.

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