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Data Migration

Whether you are looking to deploy a new solution or replace a competitor’s installed base, we will provide you with the help you need to make sure you don’t have to start from scratch – we can work with you to help you leverage existing content immediately.

If you are replacing a competitor’s installed base, we can export your existing Translation Memories and Terminology Databases to Fusion. If you are deploying a new solution, our professionals will work with you to prepare Fusion Translation Memories and Dictionaries from your existing content so that you hit the ground running.

Indeed, Fusion incorporates a powerful alignment tool that allows you to import file pairs (the source and target files) into specific Translation Memories. As soon as the content is imported, that content is available for reuse – there is no need to validate the alignment results to start using your content. Instead, any problems with alignment encountered during translation can be fixed on the fly. Once we have helped you with this process once or twice, you will be able to do it yourself for further content additions – it's that easy!

Similarly, existing terminology databases in almost any format can be imported and converted into Fusion Dictionaries. Instead of collecting dust, those terminology databases come to life when coupled with Fusion – they are automatically searched during the translation process when included in the search order. Not sure how good your terminology entries are? Work with our on-staff terminologist to have them validated first.

Whatever your needs, we will partner with you to ensure you can leverage your investment in Fusion as quickly and as effectively as possible to achieve your business goals.

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